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Why not become a Secret Service Ally?

OnLine Individual and Allied Guild Membership Forms.

The following text should be considered the 'Thumbnail Description' of the Secret Service [CIA] guild.

The Alliance, Guild, and Website are almost entirely the efforts of two individuals.

Scotty is a Very Happy Newly Wed and the 'Best-of-the-Best' with the 'Day-to-Day' aspects of guild management.
Mike is a retired 'House Husband' who likes to play around with the web and the English Language on occasion.

When was your guild founded?
First week of April of 2005.
Please provide the current guild leaders IGN (In-Game-Name).
Captn Monstereater.
Please provide the IGN for five of your guild Officers (provided your guild hierarchy allows for this number).
This is an easy one because all of our active members are officers! The Membership Form and Interview Process sets the bar high enough that almost all of our members are usually a cut above the random invite guild member. If a member becomes inactive for a month, they are shuffled into the 'Members' area. We seldom get out the 'Big Boot' since we prefer the ease of maintaining a moderately sized guild.

With that said...Guild Master Bob, Punk Ugly, Russia Slojovich, Serene Crimson, and Ravyn Skyler are all long standing officers in the Secret Service Guild.
Please provide your forum or web address information.
How many active members, with 'Active' meaning; having played within the last seven days, are in your guild?
What alliances are/were you in prior to applying with [HRK] Allied Guilds?
Mike is the 'Alliance Leader' type. I have most recently been a member of the 'Ice Fire' Alliance and prior to that the 'Liars Cheats and Thieves' bunch. (Thought it was a pretty odd name and had to see what they were about!) I believe that we are planning to manage a new Alliance starting sometime in early April 2008!
In general, describe the 'Code of Conduct' that your guild members adhere to.
Our members are a 'PG' group of adults. There should be little concern on your part, over the likelihood that we might start acting foolish on any VoIP channels we happen to be using. As for in-game chat blunders, just let me know if there are any. I don't expect any issues on the moral codes that the alliance maintains.
Does your guild's recruiting policy enforce a Minimum or Maximum Age Restriction? If so, briefly describe this aspect of your recruiting policy.
No formal policy on recruiting. We have had families with children play with us and there were no complaints with the manner in which we behaved while online.
What would you describe as your guilds current over all style of play: A PvE guild, PvX guild or a PvP guild?
We are a PvE Guild.
Tell us a 'little something' that you think best describes the benefits that your guild offers to the alliance.
Well, we finally got rid of that 'Mike' guy! Just Kidding. Mike is a super fellow that my wife and I have known for quite some time. The Secret Service guild was one link that my fiancée, now wife; as of the end of the year, used to maintain our 'Long-Distance' relationship and keep it active and fun!

As for the benefits of being a [CIA] ally, all our members enjoy playing! We just like to have fun! Just don't expect a gab-fest from our end…that is Mike's thing!
What benefits are you, and your fellow guild members, expecting to gain by becoming an allied guild?
We are pretty self sufficient as a whole. Our expectations would be amply filled if the descriptive text on your site is any indication of the 'Standard Operating Procedure' for the Secret Service Alliance!
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